Birzhin Andrey Alexandrovich

Andrei Birzhin is the founder of the Glorax Group, combining the areas of Development, Infotech, Life, Capital, Infrastructure, Energy and Hotels. More than 10 high-tech products and services were launched as part of the Glorax Infotech direction under the leadership of Andrey Birzhin. Glorax Development is one of the TOP-5 developers in Saint Petersburg.

The real estate and development sector is in urgent need of total digitalization and the emergence of innovative developments that can reverse the usual order, and we intend to contribute to this as much as possible. We are ready to provide promising startups with not only financial assistance, but also with all our expertise, business contacts and platforms for launching products.

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He started business during studying, implementing projects for the development of territories in the Moscow region. In 2001, he founded “Geostroydesign” and was governing it. For 10 years he developed construction industry and reconstruction of office buildings, industrial facilities, commercial and residential real estate, sports complexes and other facilities.

In 2009 he became the managing partner of the investment and construction company Tekta Group. During his work in 2010-2011, project portfolio of Tekta Group has increased in 6 times.

In 2013 expanding the scope of his business interests, Andrei Birzhin sold his stake in Tekta to a third-party investor and founded a private equity fund Glorax Capital, investing in development and infrastructure projects, industry, IT start-ups. Investments of Glorax Capital in 2014 amounted to about $ 1 billion, among the projects – complex development in St. Petersburg, residential and commercial real estate projects in Moscow and Moscow region, the construction of five-star hotels chain in Turkey, Italy, France and the Maldives, the development of industrial assets and etc.

Birzhin Andrey Alexandrovich

In the area of interest of the Glorax Group there are various business spheres that are not related to development, despite this, the real estate sector remains a priority. In 2014, Andrey Birzhin founded the Glorax Development, which is a part of the Glorax Group structure. The company specializes in the construction of residential complexes, commercial real estate, as well as social infrastructure facilities. Currently, the Glorax Development project portfolio is about 2.5 million square meters.

Currently, the project portfolio of Glorax Development is about 2.5 million sq.m. Among the regions of presence – St. Petersburg and the Moscow region. The main tasks are to implement modern projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate, to create a high-quality, balanced and market-demanded product. In 2017, Glorax Development entered the TOP-5 developers of St. Petersburg.

Glorax Development continues to grow – the company entered the TOP-5 largest players in the real estate market of St. Petersburg according to PH “Kommersant”, as well as the TOP-5 developers in terms of new construction volumes. According to the “Real Estate Market Records” Award, the company receives the title “Developer №1”.

The projects of the Glorax Development Company also regularly receive a scattering of awards and recognition from the professional community and customers.

In 2020 Andrei Birzhin launched the Quadro accelerator, focused on IT startups in real estate and development.

Andrei Birzhin

laureate of the Person of the Year Award, RREF Awards, (2012). He was included in the Rating of Top Managers in the Field of Construction created by the Russian Association of Managers and the Publishing House “Kommersant” (2012). He was awarded the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh II degree (2014)

He is keen on extreme sports. Participant of extreme expeditions Snow Challenge (Alaska), and race Unstoppable (Mongolia). He is included in the official classification list of the riders of the world by the International Automobile Federation FIA, the winner in one of the races of the Blancpain Endurance Series. Creator and ideological patron of the corporate sports team Glorax Life, which actively participates in marathons and other sporting events.