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An online platform for automatic office layout project creation.
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About project

An online platform for automatic office layout project creation. Spacematch uses algorithms allowing to build an individual project with arrangement of furniture and qualitative real-time 3D visualization. It is a service for developers, brokers and owners of office premises and management companies who need to solve marketing tasks and rapidly scale up visualization.

The innovation of the project is about application of algorithmic (parametric, generative) tools for solving complex tasks related to spatial layout of objects and automation of traditionally manual and labor-intensive design-related processes.

The platform is used to analyze the digital model of office premises, then form basic passages (corridors) and divide the premises into functional zones with subsequent division into clusters based on the requirements of admitting and furnishing capacity. At the next step, the program places objects inside clusters and renders the premises model using furniture libraries. The result is then saved as 2D images, a 3D model, or an architectural project (BIM), depending on the requirements of the requested module.

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