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Realty Cloud

A service automatically checking real estate and its owners for good title and possible risks.
Pilot project
Actively operating business
Starting RUB 10,000,000
7 members
About project

The idea of the project is to automate and accelerate the processes of checking real estate and its owners for good title. The buyer is provided with clear and accessible information to simplify the choice of real estate.

The service collects and analyzes data from more than 30 open sources, determines their significance and impact on the transaction feasibility, identifies possible risks and provides recommendations to reduce the risks identified. This approach reduces useless primary acquaintance visits to the object and provides a comprehensive review of the object’s good title.

The innovation of the solution lies in the application of machine learning algorithms (decision tree, independent component analysis (ICA), and convolutional neural networks) to analyze data and identify risk situations.

Yet under development is an automatic property valuation module and the online registration feature for secondary property transactions.

The project is an operating business with more than 100,000 orders processed in 2019.

Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny
Project presentation

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