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A service of complex indoor climate monitoring based on a modular sensor and a cloud platform of our own manufacture.
15000000 RUB
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About project

ClimateGuard is a modular system intended for monitoring the climate quality of residential premises

featuring the access point and smart home control hub functionality.

The project involves construction of a hardware and software complex for monitoring the indoor climate, allowing for real-time identification of discrepancy between the environment factors and the optimal (acceptable) values and making decisions on the indoor climate improvement.

Climate can be monitored by a selectable set of parameters depending on the sensors installed in the device, including air temperature, humidity, concentration of dust particles, volatile organic compounds, magnetic radiation and noise levels, etc.

The project team is responsible for board and case design, case manufacturing, device assembly, firmware writing, testing, user and software interface development.

Features of the solution:

Integration: measuring 10+ climate parameters in one compact unit

Full-fledged IoT: the probe uses its own server, transmits data into the cloud over wifi and gsm channels;

Modular structure: you can only complete the device with the sensors and interfaces you need, or You can add new sensors and interfaces;

User interface: the user can remotely receive data from any location in the world;

Software interface: api implemented to transfer data to external systems;

Chat-bot based alert system;

Mobility: compact size, a battery (optionally).

Project presentation

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