Glorax Infotech -

one of the directions of a large investment group Glorax Group, focused on the development and implementation of its own IT and blockchain projects, as well as the acceleration of promising projects and bringing them to the Russian market

For 3 years of work

Glorax Infotech has launched more than 10 proprietary progressive digital services, applications and cloud solutions in the development of consumer innovations and business services

Key task of the direction

search and selection of IT and blockchain startups. We are ready to invest and support promising projects and technologies that can change the world

We offer

financial, consulting, legal and marketing support for projects

In 2020, the Glorax Infotech team

is focused on the Quadro accelerator, where projects in the real estate, development and infrastructure solutions have a priority interest
Accelerator volume
1 000 000 000 ₽
1 Billion ₽
Already invested
115 MLN ₽
We can turn the boldest idea into a real business
Glorax Group Financing
institutional investors, partners of the Glorax Group
free investors from the market
Any interested investor can become a partner of Glorax Infotech, take part in the analysis of incoming applications and invest in selected project

Наши проекты


A cloud service for operations automation at fitness clubs and sports studios. It is an all-in-one solution automating the work of the manager, sales department, administrators and coaches.
Статус проекта


A marketplace that allows you to order an individual design project, repair services and purchase all the necessary materials and furniture.
Статус проекта
Pilot project

Realty Cloud

A service automatically checking real estate and its owners for good title and possible risks.
Статус проекта
Pilot project

Здесь может быть ваш проект!

Принимайте участие в акселераторе Quadro, получайте поддержку от Glorax Infotech и создавайте будущее вместе с нами!

Quadro accelerator features

Project financing at all stages of growth, including attracting investments from institutional investors and partner companies
Building business processes: finance, advertising and PR, sales, HR. Developing a sustainable operating model and company’s own growth methodology, as well as adapting the product to market realities
Assistance in attracting partners, resources and clients due to the presence of various business lines within the Glorax Group. The ability to access the customer base and communication channels
Availability of opportunities for testing new products and services at own enterprises and sites
The opportunity to receive advice from business and non-profit sector experts thanks to the authority and connections of the Glorax Group, as well as the internal expertise of the Group

Startup analysis

Teams from Russia and other countries of the world can participate in the accelerator. A legal entity is not required. Weekly, a team of analysts, developers and marketers of Glorax Infotech conducts an initial analysis of applications received. Past applications are submitted for further discussion by the working group and testing of the proposed idea

Industries that we are interested in

Real Estate and Development
Infrastructure facilities
Asset management in residential and commercial real estate
Legal support, optimization of business operating processes
Big Data to personalize user content
International secure transaction services, customer identification
Data science data analysis
Developments in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence


Mentors of Glorax Infotech are a group of professionals responsible for various aspects of the successful launch of a product or service on the market and further development support

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